Intermediate Coding for Designers

Intermediate Coding for Designers focuses on advanced CSS and Javascript.
On Zoom
Skills Learned: HTML, CSS, Javascript
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On Zoom
Skills Learned: HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Intermediate Coding for Designers picks up where Intro leaves off. This course will focus on scale. Throughout six weeks, we will explore foundations of transforming objects through space. Together we will tackle creation of 3D in 2D, while also exploring historic precedent, natural phenomena, and algorithmic visuals. By taking this course, you will level up your front-end skills and learn how to use coding to augment your design practice. This course is for students who have completed Intro to Coding for Designers or are already familiar with HTML and CSS.

Instructor Bio

Olga Geletina is a product designer. She works on ethical shopping initiatives at Microsoft. Previously Olga made insurance better at The Hartford Innovation Lab, taught electronics at The Bronx Innovation Factory, and created a programming course for The New School. A Harvard Graduate School of Design alum, Olga lives in New York.


Week 1 — 01/04

Hello Javascript

Introduction to Javascript. Learn about the language history, basic syntax, and best practices. Optional async modules: basic markup and GitHub overview.

Week 2 — 01/11

Advanced CSS

Craft 3D forms in 2D. Investigate relationship between physical and digital space. Explore CSS animations, transitions, filters, and gradients.

Week 3 — 01/18

Making Noise

Mimic nature algorithmically. Harness off-the-shelf code to channel order, repetition, and chaos with p5.js.

Week 4 — 01/25

3D Illusions

Dive deeper into 3D space in a 2D world. Learn to use limitation of a plane to your advantage by leveraging, Zdog, a pseudo-3D engine.

Week 5 — 02/01

3D Cubed

Overview of the Three.js pipeline. Look inside meshes by working with found objects.

Week 6 — 02/08

Final Review

Showcase your final project by combining at least two of the techniques covered over six weeks. Get feedback from a group of professionals working in the field.


Index scholarships are designed to benefit underrepresented groups, BIPOC members of our community, and those for whom the class price is not accessible. These need-based scholarships will go to the candidates who best demonstrate why they should be chosen for the free spot to our class based on the following criteria:

The selected applicants:

  • Belong to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the graphic design and creative industries
  • Do not have jobs that would pay for these courses as professional development
  • Cannot independently afford the class at list price
  • Share our value of intentional community
  • The number of selected applicants chosen is subject to the discretion of Index and the instructor, but every course will select at least one.
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