How to Make Public Art

Andrew Herzog

Graphic Design in the Post-digital Age

Demian Conrad

Caps Lock

Ruben Pater

Welcome to my Home

Phoemela Ballaran

Caps Lock — A Book Talk with Ruben Pater

Ruben Pater

Deep Sea Diving on the Web

Elan Kiderman-Ullendorff

How to Do Nothing

Jenny Odell

Intro to Coding for Designers Webzine, Spring 2022


Open Source Brand 101

Camille Baldwin

Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice

Pauline Oliveros

In Praise of Shadows

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Package Design

Michelle Mattar & Brian Schmatz

3D Modeled Vases from Students in Here Comes the Neighborhood: 3D Modeling for Beginners


Painting a Website

Ryan Scheuer

“Co-working in the front, revolution in the back.”

An interview with the founders of Index and post-office

Open House with Desmond Wong and Christina Janus

Desmond Wong and Christina Janus

Sleep Wrapped

Dan Hemerlein

AlGhamdi Clubhouse

Tina Nguyen

Legal for Creatives

Cece Xie & Max Zidel

Space is the Place

John Szwed

The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron

Community Conversations: On Hope

Sam Taylor

Introducing Index Resources

An ever-growing library of archived material, student work, and recommended reading.

Mediated Meditations

Gideon Jacobs

Look Ma! I Can Code!

Kate Schallick

Dinamo – All Fonts Are Bastards

Johannes Breyer

A History of Art History

Chistopher S. Wood

How the Internet Could be a Hospital: Mutual Aid at the Video Store

Will Hallett

Pixel Play

Michelle Devlin

Zines from Making and Breaking the Zine, Spring 2023


A New Plan to Capture Greenhouse Gas

Andres Chang

Kick Over The Statues

Michael Worthington

Disobey: A playful guide to disobedience, creativity, and rebellion

Vincenzo Anglieri

How To Change Your Mind

Michael Pollan