How to Make Public Art

Andrew Herzog

Graphic Design in the Post-digital Age

Demian Conrad

Caps Lock

Ruben Pater

My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?

Laurel Schwulst

Welcome to my Home

Phoemela Ballaran

Always Already Programming

by Melanie Hoff

Zines from Making and Breaking the Zine

Spring 2024

Caps Lock — A Book Talk with Ruben Pater

Ruben Pater

Deep Sea Diving on the Web

Elan Kiderman-Ullendorff

How to Do Nothing

Jenny Odell

Intro to Coding for Designers Webzine

Spring 2022

Open Source Brand 101

Camille Baldwin

The Handmade Web

J . R. Carpenter

Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice

Pauline Oliveros

In Praise of Shadows

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Package Design

Michelle Mattar & Brian Schmatz

Artistic Alchemy Zine Vol. 1

Fall 2023

3D Modeled Vases from Students in Here Comes the Neighborhood: 3D Modeling for Beginners

Fall 2023

Painting a Website

Ryan Scheuer

“Co-working in the front, revolution in the back.”

An interview with the founders of Index and post-office

Open House with Desmond Wong and Christina Janus

Desmond Wong and Christina Janus

Sleep Wrapped

Dan Hemerlein

AlGhamdi Clubhouse

Tina Nguyen

Internet Artifacts

Neal Agarwal

Legal for Creatives

Cece Xie & Max Zidel

Space is the Place

John Szwed

The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron

Community Conversations: On Hope

Sam Taylor

Welcome To My Homeypage

Paper Rad, 2002

Introducing Index Resources

An ever-growing library of archived material, student work, and recommended reading.

Mediated Meditations

Gideon Jacobs

Look Ma! I Can Code!

Kate Schallick

Syllabus – Taking an Internet Walk

Spencer Chang & Kristoffer Tjalve

Dinamo – All Fonts Are Bastards

Johannes Breyer

A History of Internet Art

Zachary Kaplan

A History of Art History

Chistopher S. Wood

How the Internet Could be a Hospital: Mutual Aid at the Video Store

Will Hallett

Pixel Play

Michelle Devlin

A Vernacular Web

Olia Lialina

Zines from Making and Breaking the Zine

Spring 2023

Visual Studio Code

Code Editor Tool

Internet Archive

San Francisco

Luma AI

A Tool for 3D Photogammetry

A New Plan to Capture Greenhouse Gas

Andres Chang

Kick Over The Statues

Michael Worthington

Disobey: A playful guide to disobedience, creativity, and rebellion

Vincenzo Anglieri

How To Change Your Mind

Michael Pollan