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Support us, support you.

Index is a space to exchange and unpack ideas, share knowledge, support and be supported. To make all this possible, our community of Patrons and Liaisons (PALs) provides us with a foundation of funding through Patreon, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality programs to the widest audience with the lowest possible barrier to entry. Our PALs get 10% off all we offer at Index in exchange!

At Index, we believe that if you want something nice to exist, you have to support its existence. We’re the kind of people who don’t forget that our tax dollars go to the public library. We might not pay the entire suggested admission at the Met, but we always pay a little something. We’re a community of bus-takers, community fridge-fillers, stray cat-petters. We know that generosity is not depletive, but is instead the foundation of an abundant world.

How to Give a Gift Workshop with Elan Kiderman Ullendorff
How to Give a Gift Workshop with Elan Kiderman Ullendorff

Get what you give.

By becoming a PAL, you’re supporting us with cold hard cash — resources we can directly circulate back to the community. Here’s how:

  • Helping to pay to host our website .
  • Enabling our small team to spend hours each week planning, producing and promoting our offerings.
  • Hosting free events.
  • Offering at least one free, need-based scholarship to each of our courses.

By supporting us on Patreon, you’re contributing in a very literal way to our (your!) community. It’s our goal to fling open the doors of access as widely as possible. So many of us continue to benefit from free access to creative tools and ideas; this is a great way to reciprocate.

If you’re in a position to give back to the creative community, we promise to make your contribution go as far as possible.

Thanks, PALs!

  • KP
  • Elizabeth Vande Griend
  • Mary Jac Heuman
  • Kimmy Tsai
  • Amber Wang
  • Shelley Lai
  • Jackson Dolman
  • Mel
  • Daniel Miller
  • Cate Waldram
  • Estelle
  • Felicia Eriksson
  • Ioan Butiu
  • Hannah Choi
  • Grace Robinson-Leo
  • Breanna Porter
  • Isaac Grothe
  • Asli Athman
  • Benjamin Lomeli
  • Carly Ayres
  • Andrew Herzog
  • Kirubel Mehari
  • Tina Nguyen
  • Brittany Ricca
  • Nishita
  • Jevin Sidhu
  • Nikita Singareddy
  • dotgrid
  • Ben Dunmore
  • Audrey O'Connell
  • lydia turner
  • Léon Moreau
  • Xinyuan Li
  • Annie Fitzgerald Bartholomew
  • Eric Sabandal
  • niquita taliaferro
  • Benjamin Puffer
  • Andrew R. Calderon
  • David McGillivray
  • Zoe
  • Sam Biddle
  • Brendan Schlagel
  • Joel Evey
  • Human
  • Callil Capuozzo
  • olivia
  • Udit Desai
  • Joseph Thomas
  • Jake Hobart
  • Sanctuary Computer Developers
  • Hugh Francis

PAL Perks

In exchange for their financial support, our PALs get:

  • 10% off at the Index bookstore.
  • 10% off all courses and workshops.
  • 10% off all paid events.
  • Access to a PALs only Discord channel.

If financial contribution isn’t a reality for you right now, there are many other ways you can keep supporting what we do. You can show up to our events and ask great questions. You can buy some books from our bookstore. You can post really excellent memes in the Discord. No contribution or gesture is too small.

Be a PAL and pitch in to support all we do here at Index!

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Index x Friends with Benefits Art Walk
Pasta making workshop with Adriana Gallo
Index x Friends with Benefits Art Walk (left)
Pasta making workshop with Adriana Gallo (right)

Join us on the front porch!

We treat our Discord like the stoop — a place to swing by for a metaphoric beer at the end of the work day. Join the Index Discord for impromptu hangs, collective readings, good and also dumb convo, Index planning sessions and whatever else you want to happen!