120 Walker

3rd Floor



120 Walker in 1940

The billboard shown here is now the Apple billboard on Canal & Walker Streets. 120 Walker was built in 1940.

After three years of looking for a space, we have finally found our new home in the real world — the 3rd floor of a triangular building bisecting Canal and Walker Streets in Chinatown, NYC.

We’re currently collaborating with 31 to build out the 4,000 square-foot space into a shared studio, event space, classroom, and gathering place for the Index community.

We’ll be open to all in April 2023.

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Dedicated Desk


$720 $650p/month for 3 months (if you reserve today)*

Your own workspace in our shared studio, available only to you, 24/7, each and every day.

Casual Member


$420 $380p/month for 3 months (if you reserve today)*

Work 10–6 at communal areas of the space, or use unsold dedicated desks on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All memberships include:

  • Collaborative counters, tables, stadium seating, cafe tables etc.
  • Coffee, tea & filtered water
  • Call booths & meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and amenities
  • 500mb/500mb FiOS internet
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*Please note, membership pricing is subject to ~3% yearly increases (proportional to our lease terms).

Financial transparency

Unlike the hulking corporate coworking spaces we've all come to loathe, Index IRL operates with open finances. We'd prefer to have the space sparsely populated, so our pricing isn't intented to be competitive with clickfarms.

Instead, we want to engage our community in open planning, and build the best space we can with what we've got.

At the current time, we're estimating Index will cost $21,780 per month to upkeep.


We wanted to create a central location for our community, but rent in the dead center of lower Manhattan is not cheap.

To maximise inclusivity (within our means), we'll be offering 1x Fixed Desk, and 2x Casual Memberships at 50% of our standard pricing (subsidized by our full paying members).

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Carbon Offsetting & Donations

Everything we build causes damage to our planet; building and operating Index is no different.

We'll be working with our partners Seaborne to assess the environmental damage of our buildout, and the day-to-day emissions of our operation, to purchase high quality offsets and make meaningful donations to local environmental organizations, like the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Visit Seaborne

Our vision

Index is a place to gather, create, exchange, listen, and celebrate.

Imagine, instead of working from home or showing up to an office at 9am and sitting there smashing a keyboard all day, your day looked more like this:

You arrive and put your things in a wooden cabinet by the entrance, and join your morning stand-up at a bar in the kitchen. After, you sit at a communal table to write emails on your laptop, then eat lunch with a few friends in a sunny corner. You pull an espresso and plug into a monitor at a standing desk for some deep-focus time, then take calls and do some stretching in a private corner. You finish your day meeting with your team in a semi-separated cluster of seating and surfaces. Afterwards, maybe you catch a guest speaker in the common area.

Read some Philosophy

The paradigm for how — and why — we work is shifting. Old habits are no longer hardened. There is power in that shift, and freedom to shape spaces for new and hopeful futures. As artists, designers, technologists, architects, writers, futurists, and friends, we are building a new space to earn a livelihood — and to enjoy living.

Our design philosophy

Simple geometriesComplex shapes
Everything in its placeEverything hidden
DogsNo Dogs
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Nice Table
Nicer Table
Nice Books

Follow along

As we design and build our space, we will make our process public, livestreaming our meetings on the Index Public Square, and publishing our meeting notes on our public project dashboard.