Intro to Coding for Designers

Intro to Coding for Designers teaches foundational web development with HTML and CSS.
On Zoom
Skills Learned: HTML, CSS, Github
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On Zoom
Skills Learned: HTML, CSS, Github
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Intro to Coding for Designers is a journey through hypertext history interpreted through a modern lens. Throughout this six week workshop, we will ask the tough questions like, What kind of web do we want to build?, How can coding be a subversive act? and How can we augment our design toolbox with the web browser as a design tool?

If you want to meet like-minded peers and learn to see web design as a craft, like creating a zine or an artist book, this is the course for you. You will emerge with fundamental HTML, CSS, and Github skills—and a better understanding of how the internet works, why it works that way, and how designers can change the shape of the world wide web.

Instructor Bio

Megumi Tanaka is a designer and educator based in the SF Bay Area. They have been making websites since 1996 and practicing as a Product Designer since 2013. Currently, they are developing a digital garden and researching data privacy.


Week 1 — September 21

Hypertext Foundations

Introduction to HTML and code editor basics. Learn about the history of the World Wide Web and how to deconstruct websites in the browser.

Week 2 — September 28

Browser as Design Tool

Apply styles with basic CSS. Gain the skills to take apart your favorite websites and apply the techniques to your own site.

Week 3 — October 5

Digital Gardens

Draw inspiration from the digital gardening movement to build your website incrementally. Apply intermediate CSS layout techniques.

Week 4 — October 12

The Small Web

Replace pixel-based thinking with fluid layouts that are intrinsically responsive. Discuss the differences between the small web and the commercial web.

Week 5 — October 19

Handmade Web

Review how the puzzle pieces of the web fit together. Learn CSS animation techniques as we discuss how creating handmade websites can be a radical act.

Week 6 — October 26

Website as Craft

Share your final project—a completely handmade website. Reflect on progress with your peers as we test each other's sites on vintage computing devices.


Index scholarships are designed to benefit underrepresented groups, BIPOC members of our community, and those for whom the class price is not accessible. These need-based scholarships will go to the candidates who best demonstrate why they should be chosen for the free spot to our class based on the following criteria:

The selected applicants:

  • Belong to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the graphic design and creative industries
  • Do not have jobs that would pay for these courses as professional development
  • Cannot independently afford the class at list price
  • Share our value of intentional community
  • The number of selected applicants chosen is subject to the discretion of Index and the instructor, but every course will select at least one.