Seeding Futures Together

Tending the soil for our dreams to bloom
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Artwork by Olivia Charlesworth
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On Zoom
Artwork by Olivia Charlesworth
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Join us in this spring equinox celebration of our ancestors, our dreams, and the healing we create when we create together. Our dreams are special things. They become the blueprints for our motivations and our actions. If we are gentle enough, we can see the dreams of our ancestors and our lineage reflected in the dreams we hold for ourselves.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday living (particularly pandemic living), it can be easy to lose connection to the dreams that root us. Using a blend of journaling prompts, small group discussion, and family constellation work (a collective method of ancestral healing), we'll tend to these roots and plant seeds for collective dreaming and healing in the year ahead.

Learning Outcomes

  • a renewed connection to the dreams that align with your being and purpose
  • reflective prompts to identify at least one daily task you can begin to nourish your dreams
  • a community of people who will inspire accountability to put these tasks into practice

Facilitator Bio

Meenadchi (pronouns: Meenadchi/they) is a facilitator and somatic practitioner whose work centers the softness of meeting our best self and deepening into our collective light. Using a blend of family constellation therapy and Non-Violent Communication, Meenadchi weaves workshops in which participants are invited to reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of our bodies and co-create intergenerational healing by changing the way we speak to ourselves, each other, and the universe.

Donations Optional

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