Open House with Desmond Wong and Christina Janus

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Join us 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, May 13th in a Zoom room as we talk to AUTHENTIC BUSINESS COMPANY LLC (, a type design discipline that incorporated primarily for tax purposes. We will be exploring the theme of waves in their practice; starting each day with a walk to the beach and assuming the role of what composer Terry Riley calls, “an antenna” for streams that have been broadcast, but have yet to be deciphered. Desmond and Christina will be answering our questions and yours.

Open House

Energized by Index’s Buns approach, art director Casey Courtney and designer Sam West have set out to create an online space to chit-chat about philosophies, theories, and tools of the trade with people of all kinds. Please join us in conversation with your soon-to-be favorite practitioners in this low-stakes/high-returns atmosphere.