Disobey: A playful guide to disobedience, creativity, and rebellion

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From reggaeton global stars to antimafia mayors, from climate fighters to renowned disobedient chefs, from Russian dissidents to record-breaking climbers and insanely talented music producers, writers, artists, political advisors, archistars, entrepreneurs, movie stars, disobedience is a seed that can be found everywhere. The book No Tengas Miedo A Tener La Razón, written by Vincenzo Angileri, is a guide on disobedience, a loving invitation to rebellion, a curious and thirsty exploration on creativity and social resistance, a call to break the rules (or invent new ones), featuring interview with badass personalities of the likes of Pussy Riot, Rita Indiana, José Andrés, Patagonia’s Vincent Stanley, Alex Honnold or Bad Bunny, among others.

In a laid-back yet militant talk, we will interrupt your lunch break and, instead, set off together for a Zoom-powered journey through the editorial process of the book, with the risk of bumping into interesting notions, boring facts, anecdotes, eternal truths, critical thinking gems, and some first-hand interesting takeaways from some of the world’s most disobedient and brilliant minds.

No Tengas Miedo A Tener La Razón aka NTMATLR by Vincenzo Angileri Published by Temas de Hoy & Acid House Barcelona (2021).


Vincenzo Angileri is a creative director and author based between Mexico City and Barcelona. His approach revolves around narrative creation, writing, design, publishing, strategy and film - partnering up with production companies, brands, institutions, and organizations on a wide spectrum of projects. Besides his own practice, he teaches in design schools and academies in Milan, Madrid, and Barcelona. In his free time, he is fond of maintaining 57 Chrome tabs open at the same time.