Deep Sea Diving on Twitter

Plunging into the deepest darkest corners of the internet.
Hosted virtually on Butter
Artwork by Olivia Charlesworth
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Hosted virtually on Butter
Artwork by Olivia Charlesworth
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The internet is a vast expanse, full of endless treasures, glimpses of difference, and the messiness of being human — but so often we only get to skim the bubbles that rise to the top, as filtered through algorithmic popularity contests or the business models and ideologies of megaplatforms.

This is a highly collaborative, experimental workshop: part creative prompt, part act of protest, part meditative exercise. Each session we’ll pick a platform, discuss what its algorithms might be hiding, and then plunge into its deepest darkest depths for the deleted, unread, maligned, and ignored.


7–8pm ET

Over the first hour we will descend, intentionally misusing the platform in order to find treasures in hidden corners.
[vibes: explorative/restorative]

8–9pm ET

Over the second hour we will ascend, bringing treasures to the surface by making new artworks or PR campaigns.
[vibes: collaborative/generative]

(You may choose to join only one part of the workshop, if you wish).

9–9:30pm ET

Then we'll talk about what we learned, show off what we made, and finish off the day with water between our toes.

Required Materials


Instructor Bio

Elan is a Pittsburgh-based designer and educator currently leading the product team at a nonprofit criminal justice news organization called The Marshall Project and teaching design at Chatham University. Elan runs a pop-up design studio that funnels its profits to mutual aid projects, and obsesses over the least visited corners of the internet in the Deep Sea Diving newsletter.

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