Code Writers’ Workshop

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Over five weeks in the Code Writers’ Workshop we’ll develop individual web projects (new or existing) with support and feedback from the group. Along the way we’ll consider the questions that bubble up every time we commit text to document. What’s a website? Are these good tools? How should people interact with this? Should people interact with this? And — when we want to have a crisis — is this even a good idea?

With the help of some short texts, working sessions and conversation, we’ll work on these questions and our projects with the aim of making progress on both.

While this workshop has no specific requirements and stands as an invitation for code writers of all kinds and skill levels, the focus of the course will be on the web with the expectation of some proficiency in HTML and CSS and at least a passing familiarity with JavaScript. If you already feel comfortable with the material covered by Intro to Coding for Designers this is the workshop for you.


Week 1: Concepts
Sketching concepts and scoping projects.

Week 2: Picking Tools
Selecting tools and coding prototypes.

Week 3: Next Steps
Developing projects and reconsidering decisions.

Week 4: The Thick of It
Building out projects.

Week 5: What's Next?
Polishing up and considering what might be missing.

Instructor Bio

Jake is a designer and developer working in New York. No matter how hard he tries he can't stop making websites.