Botanical Color Lab: Natural Dye with Flowers

It’s spring! Delve into the world of natural dyes and learn the process of bundle dyeing with seasonal flowers and kitchen ingredients on fabric.
InstructorSamhita Kamisetty
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Apr 13, 2024Apr 20, 2024

Saturdays from 6:00 pm 8:30 pm UTC

IRL at Index NYC
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InstructorSamhita Kamisetty
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Apr 13, 2024Apr 20, 2024

Saturdays from 6:00 pm 8:30 pm UTC

IRL at Index NYC
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Join us for a warm afternoon celebrating the beauty of spring and its abundance through natural dyes!

We will explore the art of bundle dyeing, a technique for creating unique prints on fabric. This method involves placing flowers and various natural materials on fabric, tightly rolling it into a bundle, and then steaming to release the dyes, resulting in beautiful, organic patterns.

Each one will leave with their one-of-a-kind dyed piece, as well as the knowledge to replicate the process on their own and a greater understanding of the science behind the bundle dye technique.

This beginner-friendly workshop offers a creative, enriching way to learn a new sustainable technique, providing comprehensive instruction and all necessary supplies—from dyestuff to fabrics. Light vegan and vegetarian refreshments will be included.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of natural dye plants and mordants (preparing fabric to accept color).
  • Identify and use natural dyestuffs such as onion skins, turmeric, fresh and dried flowers, etc.
  • Understand the process of bundle dyeing on cotton/silk fabric, including fabric preparation, dyestuff placement, fabric bundling, and steaming.
  • Create unique dyed pieces under Samhita’s guidance.
  • Develop the skills to independently design and produce various dyed creations!


Intro to Bundle Dyeing and Technique

  • Overview of technique, materials and fibers.
  • Outline of the general workshop flow.

Bundle Dyeing Process: The Fun Part!

  • Step-by-step guide to bundle dyeing.
  • Guidance on fabric preparation, dyestuff placement, and bundling.

Steaming and Dye Development

  • Explanation and demonstration of the steaming process.

Unveiling and Sharing

  • Share our wonderful creations!

Questions and Closing: Resources and Care Instructions

  • Additional resources for further learning.
  • Care instructions for maintaining and preserving the dyed items.

Instructor Bio

Samhita Kamisetty is a visual artist whose work encompasses illustration, ceramics, natural dyeing, and digital media. Drawing inspiration from her roots in Portland, Oregon, and Bangalore, India, her work focuses on themes of intimacy, domesticity, and memory. She received her BFA in Studio Art from New York University and is currently based in Brooklyn.


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