Flock Together: A Weekend in Roscoe, NY

A spring getaway weekend, including hiking, birdwatching, and fly fishing, plus a 2-night stay at The Roscoe Motel.
HostRoscoe Motel
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May 12, 2023May 14, 2023

Fridays from 9:00 pm5:00 pm UTC

IRL at Roscoe Motel
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HostRoscoe Motel
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May 12, 2023May 14, 2023

Fridays from 9:00 pm5:00 pm UTC

IRL at Roscoe Motel
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Join us for a weekend trip to Roscoe, New York, a Catskills town famous for the best outdoor activities nature has to offer.

We’ll be joined by Elizabeth Hatcher Williams, our bird guide, who will teach us to notice, observe, and identify the aviary life around us as we hike the blossoming woods in one of numerous local wilderness preserves.

Then we’ll get our waders on and learn the sport that put Roscoe on the map as one of the premier destinations in the world for fly fishing. Led by local guides John and Oleh, we’ll spend the afternoon learning to cast, catch, and release wild trout as they swim the open waters of the Beaverkill River.

In the evening, we’ll enjoy the first flavors of spring with a meal of local food, good wine, and Rachael’s famous upstate pies. All dietary restrictions will be accommodated, just let us know so we can plan!

Rooms are available for single and double occupancy, with accommodations and all food and beverages for the weekend included. Transportation is not included, but we’ll send pick-up options at the local bus station for those looking to arrive by public transportation. Let us know when you’re arriving, and we’ll be there to pick you up!

If you’re feeling the need to put your face in the sun, smell some dirt, and hear some birdsong, while connecting with new friends from the Index community, we hope you’ll join us!

What to Bring

If you can get your hands on a pair of binoculars, please do! We also recommend scoring a field guide to local birds (we love Sibley’s!).

Weekend Itinerary

Friday May 12

5–8 PM: Arrive Friday evening, check into rooms at the Motel.

7–9 PM: Welcome dinner and drinks at Roscoe Motel.

10–11 PM: Early bedtime to get ready to rise with the birds!

Saturday May 13

8–8:30 AM: Breakfast at Roscoe Motel

9–12 PM: Hiking and birdwatching with Elizabeth Hatcher Williams

12–1 PM: Sandwiches on the trail or at Roscoe Motel

2–5 PM: Fly fishing lesson on the Beaverkill River

7–9 PM: Dinner at Roscoe Motel

9–bedtime: Campfire, s’mores, drinks at Roscoe Motel

Sunday May 14

11 AM – 1 PM: Brunch & farewells at Roscoe Motel

Financial Transparency

2 nights at the Roscoe Motel ………….….. $250 (double) / $350 (single)

All food and drinks for the weekend …… $100

Outdoor activity guides & equipment …. $130

Index admin fee ………………………………… $100

Instructor Bio

Elizabeth Hatcher Williams is a Brooklyn-based artist and educator. Originally from Southwest VA, she has a strong love of forest ecosystems and woodland birds. In her practice as a birder, she aims to make birdwatching accessible to those of all experience levels. She will be guiding bird walks at the Roscoe Motel throughout the weekend.

Roscoe Motel

The Roscoe Motel is a legendary fly fishing motel located in Roscoe, NY. In 2021, Rachael Yaeger and Michael Ray of the Chinatown based creative and technology studio Human took over the motel. The goal simply being: keep it the same!

Roscoe Motel continues to welcome long time fly fishing people returning year after year as well as new fly fishing enthusiasts. Roscoe Motel is known for its location right on the beautiful Beaverkill River and across from the Junction Pool. Many fly fishing people are also avid birders!

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