A Workshop on Workshops: How to help groups get unstuck

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What was the worst meeting you ever had to sit through? Did you seethe at the thought of wasting our wild and precious moments on earth? In this workshop, you will learn to be brave in the face of chaos (or contradicting client feedback) and cut through the bullshit with facilitation.

Facilitation is the practice of making it easy for groups to solve problems. As facilitators, we have the power to free ourselves and our teams when our projects are stuck, stride forward with courage and conviction, and create work where meaning doesn't get lost in the muddle.

There will be no slide decks in this workshop. Expect an active session of prompts, activities, conversations and probably some venting.


Tim Casasola has facilitated workshops with designers and developers, startup founders, and Fortune 500 exec teams. He's a Product Strategist at Manhattan Hydraulics (https://hydraulics.nyc/), the UX design sister studio of XXIX. Before Manhattan Hydraulics, he worked at The Ready (https://theready.com/), guiding organizational transformation with companies like Citi, Dropbox, and GE. Tim nerds out about the similarities between product development and organizational development, and writes a biweekly newsletter (https://theoverlap.substack.com/) about it. Tim is also an avid rock climber and a breakdancer of ten years. He currently lives in Southern California.