3D Modeling for Print

In this workshop students will learn how to create their own 3D objects and will receive a Risograph-printed publication of the work made in class.
InstructorBrendan Page
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Nov 3, 2022Nov 18, 2022

Thursdays from 11:00 pm2:00 am UTC

On Zoom
3 sessions
Class recordings provided
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InstructorBrendan Page
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Nov 3, 2022Nov 18, 2022

Thursdays from 11:00 pm2:00 am UTC

On Zoom
3 sessions
Class recordings provided
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3D Modeling for Print is a class in which participants will learn how to create their own virtual objects in Blender! Blender is a fun, free, open-source program that can be utilized for 3D modeling, video editing, illustration, animation, and more. The class will be led by Brendan Page, a projectionist and founder of the Risograph press Each and Every.

In the first class, we will work together to create one object, a vase with flowers, using the basic tools of Blender (sculpting, texturing, coloring, and lighting). In the second class, participants will use the skills they’ve gained to create their own unique objects from scratch. A photo-un realistic dog? Maybe not at this point. A lumpy dog-shaped object? Perfect. The stranger it looks on your computer the better it prints.

On the final day, Brendan will walk students through the process of making 4 color Risograph prints of the work made in class. All participants will receive a small booklet featuring these prints after this last session.


Learning Outcomes

  • Basic object building
  • Lighting
  • Texturing and coloring models
  • Basic problem solving
  • Image exporting



In week 1 we will cover:

  • Basic controls
  • Edit mode vs. object mode
  • Making complex objects simply
  • How to recognize and fix common issues
  • Changing color and texture
  • Lighting

In week 2 you will:

  • Come up with and build your own objects (with help by Brendan)
  • Dive deeper into shading and texturing tools
  • Learn about virtual camera controls
  • Use more complicated modifiers (like mirroring)
  • Use sculpting tools and hair emission

In week 3 we will:

  • View everyone’s finished objects
  • Go through the fundamentals of Risograph printing
  • Learn how to separate colors in Photoshop
  • Receive printed, full-color images of your objects!



No experience necessary outside of spending time moving around in the program. Most movement is done by holding down the scroll wheel of your mouse/using two fingers on your mouse pad. If you hold shift down you are able to dolly left and right or up and down. If you want to go above and beyond, you can check out the first episode or two of this playlist to get familiar with some of the basics.


Instructor Bio

Brendan Page is a graphic designer, illustrator, video editor, artist and audio engineer. He got into 3D modeling when he began doing mapped projection work for live events. Some of his 3D projects have included “stealing” Google Maps environments, moving virtual event fliers, and a book featuring objects made by scanning episodes of the reality television show Love Island.

He currently runs Each and Every Press, a small Risograph studio specializing in experimental publications.



Index scholarships are designed to benefit underrepresented groups, BIPOC members of our community, and those for whom the class price is not accessible. These need-based scholarships will go to the candidates who best demonstrate why they should be chosen for the free spot to our class based on the following criteria:

  • Belong to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the graphic design and creative industries
  • Do not have jobs that would pay for these courses as professional development
  • Cannot independently afford the class at list price
  • Share our value of intentional community

The number of selected applicants chosen is subject to the discretion of Index and the instructor, but every course will select at least one. Applications are due Oct 24, 2022 and recipients will be notified Oct 27, 2022. Apply here


Refund Policy

We get that things come up, but we rely on headcounts in our programs to survive as a business. If you request a refund...

More than 4 weeks before class begins → 100% refund
More than 2 weeks before class begins → 50% refund
Fewer than 2 weeks before class begins → No refund

Thanks for understanding and for supporting our ability to provide cool offerings through your purchase.

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